Welcome to the Trenchant Core® student service directory page. On this page, you will find the services we offer that pertain directly to self-directed students ages 14 through 25, and/or their parent/teacher/advocates (“Collaborators”). You will find a list below that will help you identify the services that will best educate, assist, guide and mentor you in nearly every educational and developmental pursuit.

Student Client Value Statement:

Students save precious time, money, and resources, and avoid conflict due to angst over an obscure vision of the future. 

Student clients master their own growth experience and take advantage of timely opportunities to enjoy life regularly with a clear conscience. Learn to design and optimize strategies, develop project plans and management skills, and accelerate decision-making techniques leading to expedient advancement.

Students, Collaborators(educators, parents) reduce and SAVE TIME, MONEY AND PRECIOUS RESOURCES associated with the trial and error approach to career decision making, empower student(s) independence and help them find their niche, their place in the world, the THING that makes them jump out of bed with excitement to feel privileged to do in their proverbial 9 to 5. (Okay well, maybe not jump out of bed, but at least not curse their own existence! Lol)


In our Tutoring program, you will learn and master concepts covered in traditional and home education through one-on-one interaction with a Trenchant Core® tutor representative or in a small group forum.


Our Enrichment program gives you, the student a relevant life application for the subject matter learned, forward-thinking education and guidance in interest discovery, identify, establish and work toward common social and career goals.


Our Coaching program empowers you the student in your journey to learn about yourself, select a career and life pathway, design a map of the future, set attainable goals, and a process to maintain accountability until you have reached your idea of success.