Trenchant Core® – Gap Education and Professional Development


The Mission at Trenchant Core® is to bridge the gap between conventional education and practical understanding of successful business, career and life. Through GAP Education and Professional Development, we prepare strong, independent leaders to compete in today’s rapidly evolving business world.

The Concept

Trenchant Core® service concept culminated over a 20 year veteran educator and business woman’s experience. Anna noticed a gap between conventional education and work preparation throughout her life and when she was exploring education options for herself and for her children. Traditional education models fail to provide career track, vocational students, entry-level employees, and novice entrepreneurs with relevant knowledge, skill sets, and traits demanded by the business world.

Throughout my experiential journey I interviewed business owners, high school students through university level professors with whom I had direct access throughout my career as an educator. I deeply desired to understand why the Personal and Professional Development of each student is not a priority for every educator. The two primary questions I sought to answer: “Why are today’s graduating students so ill prepared to compete in our workforce?” “Why do so many students require a gap year(s) to figure things out?” This perplexes many of the educators I inquired with, these questions remaining unanswered.

If you understand nothing else, please try to get your mind around this thought. Conventional learning institutions are NOT organized to prepare students for any type of sustainable employment track. They AREN’T equipped to teach, let alone empower, self-education for individuals in pursuit of their own developmental goals. Think about it. This skill plus technology would make teachers obsolete. Public and private institutions are NOT structured to enforce strategic planning to require educators to achieve or stay current with business trends or technology. Gap year programs rely on students to fix their own problems without providing the right information, resources, or the tools to do so.

As a result, the concept for Trenchant Core® and the unique educational, coaching and consulting niche was born. Anna Rawson’s goal is to address the voids she discovered.


Trenchant Core® is a combination education, enrichment and coaching service. We bridge the gap between education and career to help young people gain general and specific employer desired knowledge, acquire and develop transferable skills and traits in very intentional and meaningful ways. We help to develop businesses and young people in three effective ways:

  1. We help you as a Small Business Owner (SBO), Corporate Executive (CE), career professional (C-Pro), and entrepreneur solve your employees: training, productivity, performance and work ethic challenges from interpersonal to team relations levels.
  2. We collaborate and provide services to Professional Educators (PE)(see Collaborators). By evaluating and infusing specific means and methods within existing curriculum, we assist educators to prepare more tangible opportunities for students by steadily guiding their career pathways in connection with each experience along their educational journey. Trenchant Core® is the missing link to engage students and make traditional education relevant. We work with teachers and administrators to prepare students to design their Gap Education and Professional Development
  3. We teach, coach and advocate mature minded students age 14+ in preparation for college education and career path, entrepreneurial journey, or vocational track (see Students). Students will collaborate directly with us and their advocate network to design their own Gap Education and Professional Development.


Once the program is complete, students will be able to answer these four questions. “How do I apply what I’ve learned in school?” “What am I missing?” “What is expected of me?” “How do I become successful?” Clients will approach the path(s) of their choice with clarity and precision.

We offer Gap Education and Professional Development solutions to . . .

  • Business owners, managers, or organization leaders working to solve organizational structure, productivity, performance or interpersonal relations issues with their employees
  • Entrepreneurs or struggling Small Business Owners who seek a savvy sounding board, and accountability structure to maximize business performance.
  • Educators or Youth Advocates working to give students practical knowledge, skills and tools to become successful in their career path
  • Motivated Students, eager to develop and polish their skills, traits and knowledge to feel confident and progress in career development
  • Parents with a 14+ year, mature student, motivated to integrate professional knowledge, skill and trait development with their education

Service Audience

  • Corporate and Small Business Leader(s) and Employee(s)
  • Business Associations
  • Novice, Prospective or Struggling Entrepreneurs
  • Stagnant Career Professionals
  • Education Collaborators
    • University and Career Track Individual(s) and/or Professor(s)
    • High School Student(s) and/or Teacher(s)
    • Vocational Apprentice(s) and/or Instructor(s)
    • At-Home and Distance Educators
  • Mature, Success Driven Students age 14+ with an engaged parent
  • Youth Leadership Organizations
  • Youth Groups & Spiritual Leaders
  • Engaged Student(s) and their Advocates
    • Social Services
    • Juvenile Justice Administrators

In-Person Service Areas

Portland Metro Area including Southwest Washington,

Seattle Metro Area

Northern California’s San Francisco Bay Area,

California’s Central Coast,

California’s Central Valley

Virtually or By Phone

Nationally via Phone, Zoom or Google Classroom, and Internationally, by special arrangement.

Service Methods

Formal Gap Education and Professional Development

Interactive Learning

  • Leadership and Team Conference Calls
  • On-Site Business Evaluations and Prescribed Organizational Structure Solutions
    • Customized Employee Training, Management and Leadership Curriculum Development
    • Business Structure and Design Improvement
  • Workshops (hands on) – On-site In-Person – Direct Educational Evaluations and Specific Integration Strategies provided
  • Seminars (Theoretical) – On-site In-Person, Zoom or Google Classroom (Success driven by attendees without direct involvement from Consultant)
  • Educational Symposiums – On-site In-Person, Zoom, Google Classroom (Consultant directly involved within network groups)
  • And much more . . .

Informal, Focused, Gap Education and Professional Development

Independent Learning

  • Phone Consultation
  • Leadership Growth Planning and Mentoring Sessions
  • Self-Paced, Guided Custom Curriculum Developed for Specific Business or Education Needs
  • Experiential Learning Opportunities
  • And much more . . .

Service Framework

  • One-on-one Instruction or Coaching and Guided Experiential Learning
  • Small Group Instruction or Coaching (2-4 Participants)
  • Small Group Instructional Workshops or Symposiums (5-99 Participants)
  • Large Group Seminars (100+ Participants)
  • Motivational Speaking Engagements (purely inspirational)
  • Custom Arrangements Available

Service Process

  1. Assessment and Analysis
  2. Training, Education and/or Coaching Plan
  3. Custom Curriculum Design
  4. Direct Instruction Services
  5. Evaluation and Reflection
  6. Review and Modification
  7. Periodic or On-Going Consultation

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