For an On-site Evaluation, Speaking Engagement, Instruction, Workshop, One-on-one or Small Group Coaching:

Select any of the Trenchant Core® topics and discuss with our staff to understand outcomes. Complete the requirements below.

Request, Fill Out and Submit:

A. Request, fill out and submit a Booking FORM in the message prompt at the bottom of the page. *Include attachment requirement on Booking Form.

REQUIREMENT: Provide proof of completed insurance riders naming the facility and staff, all participating organization(s), all attendees and organizers including  TRENCHANT CORE® speakers and assistants.

(NOTE: Home educators and organizing regular meetings, most homeowner’s, or organization policies should suffice. Subject to review for approval)

B. TRENCHANT CORE® Venue Checklist (FORM)

C. All attendees must sign and submit a TRENCHANT CORE® Hold Harmless Agreement (FORM).

D. TRENCHANT CORE® Speaker Agreement (FORM).

Include: signed “Content Arrangement and Outcome Reconciliation”

E. A complete copy of the event itinerary.

Include:  All speaker’s content updated to the day of the event.