Enrichment Courses

Begin with the Goal in Mind!

Junior High School Through College Level.

Turning Teaching Theory into Practical Life Applications.

Developmental Stages

Students are grouped appropriately into classes by developmental stage:

  • Stage I (Ages 12-14)  Junior High – HS Freshman
  • Stage II (Ages 15-17)  HS Sophomore – HS Senior
  • Stage III (Ages 18-20) College Level
  • Stage IV(Ages 21-25) “Launch” Career Success Program

Module I

TRENCHANT CORE® Master #1 Series
Build Inner Strength and Achieve Spiritual Growth
Explore the power of spirituality, discernment of values, standards.
TRENCHANT CORE® Master #1 Series
Nutrition and Wellness
Study at an optimal level with a clear and well functioning mind.
TRENCHANT CORE® Master #1 Series
Body Brain Benefit
Fitness and the mind and body connection. The brain is a muscle.
TRENCHANT CORE® Master #1 Series
Keeping it in check
Culture, Behavior, and Self Control

Module II

TRENCHANT CORE® Master #1 Series
Personal Safety and Self-Defense
Prevention, Fight and Flight Strategies 
TRENCHANT CORE® Master #1 Series
Identify, develop and express your own personal identity, brand or style
TRENCHANT CORE® Master #1 Series
Skill Development I
Specific teachable abilities that can be defined and measured.
TRENCHANT CORE®Master #1 Series
Skill Development II
Traits – Less tangible & harder to quantify

Module III

TRENCHANT CORE® Master #1 Series
 Goal Setting
Plan and map goals
TRENCHANT CORE® Master #1 Series
Time Management Tools & Practicum
Plan, prioritize, productivity, and performance
Character Development
Human Nature and the Golden Rule
Recognition, Humility and Respect
TRENCHANT CORE® Master #1 Series
Self Discipline
Tools and strategies to stay focused and achieve your goals

Module IV

TRENCHANT CORE® Master #1 Series
Stress Management
Strategies to Manage Your Stress
TRENCHANT CORE® Master #1 Series
Decision Making
Step-by-Step Decision Science
TRENCHANT CORE® Master #1 Series
Emotional Intelligence
Other ways to gauge brilliance
TRENCHANT CORE® Master #1 Series
Student Success – Study Skills Applied Workshop
Discover your learning style, read, concentrate, and listen well.
Learn best note-taking, information processing, and retention strategies.

Association Series

Prerequisite Master # 1 Series

Module I

TRENCHANT CORE® Resource Junkie
Learn how to build, serve, and activate an enviable network of resources.
TRENCHANT CORE® Associations, Networks & Collaborative  Design
Learn to determine, build and nurture mutually beneficial relationships.
Life – Independence Prep
Welcome to Reality

Module II

TRENCHANT CORE® Relationship Standards I
What Does a Supportive Relationship Look Like?
TRENCHANT CORE® Relationship Standards II
A Study in Reciprocity! – The Karma Bank Account – How can I help?
TRENCHANT CORE® Social and Behavioral Communication
Hearing vs What is Intended
TRENCHANT CORE® Making the Minutes Count
Braving social Interaction

College Bound

Be Who You Are! Career Research and Exploration
Discover your preferences, skill, and character traits.
Take personality assessments, explore resources and skill-building strategies.
Choosing a Smart Major
Major exploration and strategies to make the most of your education.
Scholarship and Grant Workshop I
Explore scholarship and grant resources, develop your application strategies, learn typical requirements
Scholarship and Grant Workshop II
Review and feedback on your scholarship or grant proposals.

Community and Career Discovery

Choose up to three courses to create a custom module for your self or your group.

Medical Field
Traditional and Alternative Healing 
Biotechnology & Pharmacology, etc
Politics and the Law (TEEN COURT)
Government and Community Perspectives, Representation
Information Technology, Security, Website Development, Software, etc
Teaching and Administration
Arts and Entertainment
Explore Art Media, Industry Procedure, Resources & Etiquette
Food processing and service
Food preservation and service
Stem Encounter
Guided research – Delve into your stem-related interest
Creative Construction
Hands-on opportunities to practice imagination and problem solving
Innovative and niche trades
Discover unique building materials and design
Travel Adventures
Planning, sharing experiences and expanding our world
Culture Exploration
understand and appreciate cultural similarities and differences
Learn about opportunities to be involved and help your community

Skilled Trades and First Responders Research

Choose up to three courses to create a custom module for your self or your group.

Trades – Advanced Positions
Planning, Architecture, Estimating and Project Management
Trades – Contractors
Licensing Process and Requirements Tools, Resources and Associations
Journey Level
Electrician, Plumber, Carpenter,  Sheet Metal, Welder, Iron Worker, Glazer, Painters and Tapers, HVAC,  Refrigeration, Auto Mechanics
Getting Started: Programs and  Requirements
Sociology, Psychology, and  Community Service
Earthly Elements and People
Emergency Care Technician
Birthing and PostNatal Process
Nutrition and Immunity
Food and nutrient maintenance
Agriculture and Horticulture
Gardening, Food, and the Earth
Child Development & Early Learning
Assistance with changes in Independent Living  

Youth Entrepreneurship and Business Series

Module I

TRENCHANT CORE® PRESENTING . . . Me! Bio/Resume & Cover Letter Development
Package and sell yourself using personal marketing tools and social media.
TRENCHANT CORE® Discover Your Business Interests Entrepreneurship Seminar
Determine your entrepreneurial aptitude, skills and character traits
TRENCHANT CORE® Developing and Connecting
Entrepreneurship Skills and Traits
TRENCHANT CORE® Not Your Typical Lemonade Stand
Turn Hobbies & Interests into Money

Module II

TRENCHANT CORE® Distinguishing Informationand Idea Ownership
Confirming, Sharing, and Protecting
TRENCHANT CORE® Develop a Business Idea
How to determine business viability
TRENCHANT CORE® How To Start a Business in California 
Business plan checklist and timeline Arm Yourself with Tools & Knowledge
TRENCHANT CORE® Write A Business Plan to Fund Your StartUp
Strategies and content to write a compelling business plan

Module III

TRENCHANT CORE® Build Your Business 
Marketing & Collaboration Strategies Sales & Partnering for Financial Gain
TRENCHANT CORE® Create and Manage a Budget
Simple Finance & Accounting Principles
TRENCHANT CORE® The New Nest Egg – Build Wealth
Economics and Smart Investment Strategies
TRENCHANT CORE®  Business Generation and Strategies
Streams of Revenue and Vertical Integration 

Module IV

TRENCHANT CORE® Develop a Competitive Edge
Creative Thinking Workshop
TRENCHANT CORE® Presentation
Creating Effective Presentations
Develop and Learn how to identify & teach success-driven leadership skills
TRENCHANT CORE® Project Planning and Management
Learn to teach work ethics that stick while you develop important management skills

Module V

TRENCHANT CORE® Product Design
Processes of invention and product design and development
TRENCHANT CORE® Service Design
Processes of invention and service design development