Welcome to the Trenchant Core® Collaborator service directory page. On this page, you will find the services we offer that pertain directly to parent/teacher/advocates (“Collaborators”). You will find a list below that will help you identify the services that will best educate, assist, guide and mentor you in nearly every collaborative pursuit with your students.

Collaborator Value Statement:

Collaborators (Parents, Educators, and Advocates) save precious time, money, and resources, avoid conflict due to angst over students’ obscure vision of the future. Learn unique education and support techniques that will encourage students and hold them accountable to their commitments. 

Beginning Educators develop a career plan, enjoy a higher degree of self-confidence in which many seasoned educators continue to struggle, assimilate and become successful much sooner than most peers experience in their early career. 

Seasoned Educators avoid burnout and/or stagnation, and learn to strategically prepare and plan advancement opportunities.

Students, Collaborators(educators, parents) reduce and SAVE TIME, MONEY AND PRECIOUS RESOURCES associated with the trial and error approach to career decision making, empower student(s) independence and help them find their niche, their place in the world, the THING that makes them jump out of bed with excitement to feel privileged to do in their proverbial 9 to 5. (Okay well, maybe not jump out of bed, but at least not curse their own existence! Lol)

Collaborator Development

Our Collaborator Development program allows you, the parent/teacher/advocate to develop further along your path with expanded education, tools, and resources to assist you and your student to incorporate relevant life applications within the subject matter you are presenting, and to support your collaborative and independent efforts as an educator.

Collaborator Coaching

Our Coaching program empowers you the Collaborator in your journey to learn about yourself, select a method and style, create a map of future goals, and a process of accountability to reach a successful outcome.