A TRENCHANT CORE® Coach will help you become the Hero of your story!

We help you search and find the answers to some of the tough questions we all avoid answering.

We see heroes every day. Heroes should and sometimes need to know where they have been to figure out and decide where they are going. Heroes want the best for everyone in their story. Heroes need to plan and prepare. Heroes need skills, traits, tools and resources that help them to achieve their goals. Heroes sometimes require weapons to protect what is important. Heroes still have to eat, sleep and find enjoyment in life. Heroes create legacies in their wake. Heroes create happy endings! Let us help you become the hero in your own story.

  1. Learn about yourself.
    1. Who are you? How are you feeling?
    2. What do you need and want for yourself?
    3. What will make you happy?
    4. What is good fortune & prosperity to you?
    5. What is most important to you?
  2. What do you wish for others around you?
    1. Take a look at how others see you.
    2. Open yourself to hear what is meant not what is said.
    3. Learn to take feedback and perform quality reflection that results in productive outcomes.
    4. Distinguish between important and trivial matters.
  3. TRENCHANT CORE Coaching is an effective personal development tool that requires not just a monetary investment but daily, weekly, and monthly commitments that will yield faster results.
  4. Learn to take pride in your efforts, visualize and properly measure success.
  5. Master problem solving and critical thinking skills.
  6. Learn to recognize your obstacles and how you could be sabotaging your own success.
  7. Learn to logically prioritize your goals.
  8. Learn what motivates you from within.
  9. How to avoid self-imposed resistance.
  10. Learn how to achieve multiple goals simultaneously.