August 23, 2019


Business Vision Statement:

TRENCHANT CORE® We coach corporate employers to small business owners to train, prepare, and develop employees on their journey to become polished and current professionals in their field of work and exceed stakeholder expectations.

Business Value Statement:

Corporate Entrepreneurs to Small Business Owners and Mid-level to Senior Managers save time, money and resources. Learn to set expectations in a way that encourages employees to take ownership, (re)build trust, and improve leadership skills. Develop high-level change management skills required to (re)build the organizational structure from the frontline to senior management. Design a healthy collaborative work environment, developing employees in ways that will ensure professionalism, higher employee retention, increase productivity and morale benefitting all stakeholders.

Business Owners reduce and SAVE TIME, MONEY AND PRECIOUS RESOURCES associated with hiring the wrong employee, training underprepared entry level employees, vague position descriptions, departmental overlap and boundary obscurity, role confusion while improving employee productivity, retention, company-wide morale, and customer service standards simultaneously!!!

Business Coaching

Our coaching produces objective evaluations and constructive tools from a Human Resource Development (HRD) approach. We work as a cross-sectional support system with human resources, operations, and marketing to structure departments for optimal productivity and efficiency. We provide a unique perspective to senior and mid-level management in service or production-oriented businesses. Using our research methods, clients will discover ways to capitalize on strengths and maximize opportunities to problem solve internal and external organizational challenges. Through our unique exercises, clients find it easier to identify variables, analyze and interpret data. We propose solutions, facilitate implementation and help develop a system of measurement to gauge systems improvement and efforts to preserve long term business health.

Business Development

There is no need to wait until problems are apparent in an organization to advocate for employee development. Our Employee Development series of courses are designed to be constructive in nature and will provide any organization leaders with a service that accelerates their employee’s job or career development. The results benefit all primary and secondary stakeholders. Every good manager knows if they give their employees the best, excellence results!