Business Development

Employee and Leadership Development

We visit on-site to observe industry and organizational issues before we presume to understand your business or departmental challenges. We evaluate at each workforce level and determine areas where our curriculum addresses problem areas. Course modules are recommended based on maximum benefit.

We provide group learning environments to fuel individual and team knowledge and skill development. We educate mid-level to senior leadership to make informed Human Resource Development (HRD) and Operations decisions from a leadership lens. We collaborate to solve transitional or change management issues, improve team cohesiveness, and work one-on-one to determine professional development goals.

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Start-Up Series

Module I – Getting Started

How Can Humans be Capital?
Introduction to Human Resource Dilemmas 
Closing the Education and Skills Gap!
Being the Conduit Between Humanity & Business
Visionary Views and Reality
Defining Core Values
Time is MONEY!
Preparing a Plan of Action

Module II – The Big Picture

Reminder: I Should Know This!
Regulation Outline (Review & Update)
Regulation Communication and Application Structure
Office Structure – Policy and Procedures
Accountability – Ensuring Conformance Standards
HR Operations – Staffing Plan and Budget Review
Teaching and Implementation Strategies
Organization Design Review
Culture and Tolerance Nuts and Bolts
Choosing a Human Resource Info System

Module III – EMployees – In Their Eyes

What Should They Know?
Developing Policy and Procedures
Leadership & Management Needs
Defining Scope of Work
How Do They Know They Fit?
Developing Job Profiles
What Should They Do?
Drafting Position Profiles, Descriptions, and Requirements
Confidence: Heart of the Company
Define and Instill Company Culture
Attract the Cream to Your Pool! (PART I)
Determining Compensation
Attract the Cream to Your Pool! (PART II)
Structuring Unique Benefits Packages

Module IV – Investigations and Handling the Tough Stuff

Organization Standards
Managing Personnel Files
What’s Important?
Documenting Performance and Behavior
A Standard and Process for Growth
Managing Employee Performance
Settling & Avoiding Future Conflict
Relationships & Handling Complaints
Is it a Nail or a Screw?
Intimidation & Retaliation in the Workplace
Winning Influence
Meaningfully Confront Misconduct 
Don’t Pull Blossoms Just Weeds!
Constructively Handle Performance Issues 

Start-Up Series – Trainer Workshop Series

Module V – Training Part I 

Organization Introduction
An Orientation Plan that Influences 
The Layout
Teaching Organizational Structure
How We Do Things Around Here!
Bridging Theory & Practice for Recent Grads
Hit the Ground Running!
Smoothing Transition for the Entry Level 
Performance Standards
Setting Clear Expectations
Required Training Overview

Training Part II – Education Meets Career – Closing the Gap!

Survey Says . . . . 
Feedback and Documentation System
In a Perfect World 
Standards Defining Work Ethic
Settling In
Teaching Adaptation Skills and Strategy
What do you need? 
Structure & Encourage Clear Communication 
Testing, Testing, Testing  . . . 
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
What do they want? 
Interpreting & Clarifying Communications
Can I Make This Easier for You?
Structure & Teach Excellent Customer Service
How Can We Make You Smile Today?
Developing the Service Mindset
Stakeholders as Customers
Managing Projects From Start to Finish
Relax . . . I’ve Got This!
Teaching and Providing Stress Relief Outlets

Training Part III – Taking it From the Top

Scope, Duties, and Expectations
Leadership and Management Training
The Buck Stops Here!
Management Objectives & Employee Support
Supporting Your Frontline!
Supervision Training
One Step Beyond!
Employee Training
Presenting: Where Are We Going? 
Leadership & Legacy Training 
How Will We Know When We Have Arrived?
Business Life Cycle Planning and Monitoring
It’s Personal and Professional!
Management Development Training
Best Part of the Sandwich!
Supervision Development Training

Training Part IV – Team Training and Constructive Environments

Tools, Wit and Wisdom
Team Generation, Structure & Training
Cohesive Team Training
Acknowledgement and Recognition
Share Ideas Without Fear of Loss
Change Your Perceptions
Environments Inspire Creativity
How Can We Make This Happen?
People Foster Synergy 

Module VI – Facilitating Recruitment and Retention

We Want YOU!
Recruitment and Onboarding
Advantages of a Level Playing Field
Diversity and Cultural Awareness Training
Meet Stakeholder Demands
Creative Scheduling Strategies
Satisfaction and Motivation 
Employee Retention
Understanding Value
Employee Development
Simplify & Streamline Processes
Maximizing Human Capital
Remembering the H in HR
Trust Through Transparency

Module VII – Monitoring Compliance

Survey, Review, Verify and Reflect
Audit Preparation
Safety is 1st!
Worker’s Compensation/Production Issues
Is it Worth it?
Employee Monitoring