August 23, 2019

Business Coaching


We specialize where Social and Behavioral Science, Education and Business intersect. Our mission goal is to solve Human Resource Development (HRD) and business wellness issues to ease the burden of demand on small business staffing or HR Professionals. We eliminate gaps, increase productivity and efficiency, and set a supportive standard beginning with Operations or General Management to frontline employees. Our passion is to improve employee morale, motivation, communication, productivity at every level, restoring common sense and kindness to the workplace with desirable results to all business stakeholders.

  1. We visit businesses’ on-site location cutting your team’s professional development costs by eliminating travel and lodging expenses.
  2. We schedule our individual or team members for personal visits in two to four-hour sessions to work together on larger project goals.  
  3. Members working independently toward personal development goals may schedule a 30-minute coaching call.

Examples of our coaching and training goals include:

  • Draft position descriptions and job requirements 
  • Develop leadership and improve employee recruitment pools
  • Improve business plan, design, or culture
  • Minimize interruptions due to  training deficits
  • Reduce time waste and improve time management  
  • Create or update relevant training materials
  • Design custom training and materials to bridge the skills gap for entry-level employees
  • Arrange and compose procedural standards which will streamline processes and minimize inefficiencies
  • Restore employee morale and solve motivational issues
  • Shore up gaps and minimize departmental overlap
  • Identify and solve role and job confusion issues
  • Maximize employee morale and motivational issues 
  • Reduce and prevent miscommunication issues
  • Develop strategies to cut costs
  • Adapt to industry and organizational changes
  • Research and establish beneficial partnering
  • Clearly define job and customer needs
  • Identify strategies for building effective teams 
  • Develop project or task objectives, framework and schedule to accomplish goals
  • Identify and achieve personal and professional goals
  • And much more . . .  If you don’t see it here, please ask!

Business Start-up Process

In the start-up phase, we save your bottom line by assisting your HR and Operations Departments to reach “up and running” stage quickly and efficiently. Your departments can be unburdened, focus their attention more acutely on corporate wellness handling legal requirements to comply with state standards, and avoid burnout while we provide guidance to zero in on the human component of their job which often, due to overwhelming technical responsibilities, takes a back seat to the official priorities of their job.

Once established, adequately staffed and well balanced, we return sole responsibility back to senior and/or mid-level management and share strategies to maintain with future options to review, update, audit for adequate staffing, improve and expand at member rates (contact us for pricing) for additional business to human connectivity wellness check-ups.

Though agencies such as Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA), Worker’s Compensation, Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH), Labor Unions, etc. have the best interest of human capital at the forefront, the time taken to comply puts a financial and practical strain on fueling Human Resource Development (HRD) implementation strategies. It takes a great deal of time to observe in order to define and improve the source of human resource problems which usually boil down to training, employee development and morale issues. This is our specialty.