August 30, 2019


So, what’s the story?

When I was a young girl about 11 or 12 years old trying my best to make sense of the world and to meet the expectations set before me, I panicked. My mother had a limited education and very little idea how to design a path to achievement. I remember turning to her and asking how or where we get an owner’s manual for this life she gave me. She laughed. I don’t mean a giggle, I mean a belly laugh! 

To me, it wasn’t a joke. I was very worried about what it all meant and how to put a life together. My father graduated from high school and wanted to attend college, but the family farm came first. He later joined the Navy, came out and became a salesman, and later an Insurance Adjuster. Who in the heck decides they want to be an Insurance Adjuster when they are envisioning their future?  

My astronomical desire for a measurable level of certainty left me feeling helpless in an uncertain world. I attribute this feeling to most, if not all, teenagers through young adult age, but really this feeling can surface at any time in a person’s life when forced to deal with life-changing alterations to their status quo. I have determined this to be the cause of angst and rebellion at any age! We are trained from school age through college that our plans for the day will be laid out before us and we are not required to think for ourselves. 

One day, I went into a bookstore to see what sort of reading material was available to youth. I took photos because I was enraged to see that we are setting our youth up to fail. As parents and society, we present youth with a life of fantasy. I am NOT lying! I was looking at 3 aisles of books and only one column within the entire teen section was non-fiction. I want you to think about this for a minute.  If you’ll pardon my facetiousness, our kids are led around by the nose pretty much 18 hours a day for the first 18 years of their life! Many times we slip into this through our own selfishness. Anything to keep them quiet. Anything to be SURE that they are safe and not costing us an unaffordable bill. So, we hand them video games, and fantasy in the form of books and movies along with the music as a coping mechanism for their grief as most develop a craving to escape due to their sixth sense for the impending doom. Then, BOOM! We throw them to the wolves and expect them to be okay with it. 

They realize that we are giving them SOME of what they need, but they are forced to put the pieces together simultaneously feeling around in the dark to figure out EXACTLY what is missing AND find out how to get it! OUR BAD! I have asked other teaching professionals why the void exists and they are baffled. Why do you ask? Teachers are taught only to teach the esoteric skills and theoretical, and conceptual material that has little to do with REAL life applications. They are required to teach with little flexibility granted to engage in practical applications addressing individualized student interests. LITERALLY! They are not given the chance to challenge their students with questions but are required to shovel the information in as fast as they can regurgitate it. I have found that there is currently no general reference for an organized method of teaching how to put theory to work! BING! (lightbulb switches on over my head)

At certain points in our life after we slowly managed to stumble into some organized pattern of existence where we are making ends meet, or NOT, and we determine we are okay, we are soon thrust into change with NO CLUE where the drawing board IS let alone how to engage in the figurative stumble once again. I have worked with individuals or groups ranging from: a) struggling and established entrepreneurs, b) business professionals wishing to expand their knowledge about Human Resource Development (HRD), c) professional and independent educators, d) young people starting their lives from scratch with relatively “0” guidance or those still putting the pieces together “hodge-podge” on their own, e) people displaced by technological innovation, f) transitions from military service to civilian careers, g) women emerging from post-divorce hell, h) former convicts or anyone with a lack of documented experience wondering how to adapt. I say this in no UNCERTAIN terms. FUCK THAT ill-reputed system designed produce repeated failures! Let’s FIX IT!

From my complete dissatisfaction with this “Frankensteined” system, I created my own independent learning curriculum standard and coaching platform which is designed to be worked into any theory-based education conceived to date. I teach Business and Human Resource Development Professionals, Professional Trainers, Coaches, Collaborators (Parents, Advocates, Educators), and students as early as Junior High.  I work with any individuals or groups. Anyone can benefit from any trajectory as we work together to forge a design for individualized paths to success. I glow when you glow!  

My experience comes from educating children through young adults for 20+ years. Knowing the serious void that existed in our system of education in this country,  I was determined to educate my children and provide the benefit of a truly meaningful, practical, independent learning experience which I realized early on was the key to actual learning and retention. At first, I was nervous!  Would the youth entrust to me through co-ops, workshops, independent projects, coaching, and structured coursework receive everything they would need to carry them where they wanted to go in life? 

My answer didn’t come until both my youngest and my oldest tested into required college-level courses at 15 and 16 years of age. Other students receiving my instruction through various outlets called to thank me for the skills that prepared them for college and the workforce. Finally! I was confident that I stumbled across the key while turning over every stone in an effort to be thorough as I ventured outside the status quo to reach my goals. 

I hold degrees and lengthy experience in Business Administration, Liberal Arts with an emphasis in Social and Behavioral Science, and Pre-Law. Check!

Now . . . let’s do you!