Education, Professional Development, and Coaching

Overall Mission

TRENCHANT CORE®, a business dedicated to working with Employers (Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Mid-level to Senior Managers) and Career Professionals to elevate performance and training standards, prepare and develop employees at all levels to become polished and current professionals in their field. To bridge the skills gap, we serve Collaborators (Parents, Educators, and Advocates) to provide guidance and relevant information for their students, and with mature students to make better long-range plans and choices benefitting all community stakeholders. 

Services are conveniently mobile, seminar, small group, or one-on-one

For Students:



Coaching (one on one or in groups)

Enrichment Courses, Seminars, and Workshops

In-person Speaking Engagements


For Employees, Entrepreneurs, Career Professionals, and Collaborators (parents/teachers/advocates): 

Coaching (one on one or in groups)

Employee Advocacy

Development Courses

Conduct Seminars and Workshops

Programs to prepare our youth for life.

  • Tutoring
  • ENrichment
  • Coaching
  • Advocacy

forward thinking education

Mature Minded or Success Driven Students, Parents, Traditional and At-Home Educators, Youth & Spiritual Leaders, Student Advocates, Social Service, and Juvenile Justice Administrators

This is your opportunity to choose from our real-world education courses geared towards enriching and providing the tools necessary for social and economic success.


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